Hello there! Welcome to my website, Meusesoft.com.

What or who is Meusesoft you might wonder. Well, Meusesoft is not a company, it is a pseudonym of mine. I use it since I started to spread my application into the world back in 1989. In those days I solely made applications for the MSX computer system. For the MSX I made some games, but mostly utilities like HD-Menu, DirSort, Ansi Editor and MSX2Base. What is MSX? Learn more about MSX at this great website about it: www.msx.org.

In 1995 I started making applications for PC's and the first was a conversion of a game I made for the MSX; 31 for Windows. Soon other applications followed like File Monitor, Time Clock, Copying Machine and Janitor.

Making these application is still a hobby I enjoy very much. Last couple of years I have put a lot of effort into Optical Character Recognition and a 3D card game. Unfortunately, I didn't finished both but it was great fun to dig into new subjects. See the screenshots below.

Dealing cards Watching the game from another angle Wireframe of table Selecting cards

Two years ago I started working on a new version of Copying Machine. It was a complete rewrite of the code because I switch from Borland C++ and Borland C++ Builder to Visual Studio C++. In the meantime it gave me the possibility to rebuild it from scratch and try to make it easier to maintain. I just put the second beta version online and also the source code. Take a look if you are interested! And if you do have some additions or improvements, let me know!

I hope you (will) enjoy the applications I made and I would love to hear what you think of them!

Rainier Maas (rainier@meusesoft.com )